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The US has the biggest national budget in the world, yet it still spends $626 billion dollars more than it should. This is and has been a huge problem for the US for a very long time, but it seems like now is an impeccable time to change all of that. As stated by Professor Allen Schick, “In a fundamental sense, the federal government is what it spends,” (Document A). Many people believe that our government is not being smart with the funds that we have. The US needs to do a better job of allocating our national budget. The budget could use a lot of adjustments in the way that it distributes money in the Big Five, the Middle Five, and the Little Guys. First, the Big Five is the five biggest things that the US spends its budget on. These top five things comprise 82% of the US budget. The Big Five are Medicare, Social Security, Defense, Safety Net Programs, and Interest on National Debt. If I were the president’s budget advisor, I would take a massive look at that National Debt category. The National Debt is the only thing on the US budget that does not meet a preamble goal. If the…show more content…
This would in turn decrease the interest owed the next year and we can slowly give back the money to Defense, Medicaid, and Social Security. Next, I think that Defense is a tremendous way to spend our money because it gives people jobs, who can in turn spend the money back into our economy. Next, Safety Net programs help keep domestic tranquility in the United States and Defense keeps the external tranquility (Document C). Why would we not try to kill two birds with one stone? I would take $50 billion from the Safety Net programs and put it directly into the National Defense. Then, I would stop offering these Safety Net funds to people under thirty, unless they are disabled and can’t work. Of the remaining poor men and women, I would offer them short-term jobs in the military and let them earn the money that they were to already

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