Subjective Omniscient Pov Analysis

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It sounds difficult to have the cold season right at your doorstep without the full assurance of your furnace. I just do hope the plumber would be able to accomplish his task in a span of day (or better just half of it.) Meanwhile, we do have the cold as well, but it is not as chilly compared to your country. Just the combination of cold and rain, but for us, that would still be freezing, especially in the months of November and December. Regarding Korea, or rather, South Korea, meat is just as vital as grain and vegetables. I have reached that conclusion after I've seen a lot of South Korean celebrities eating meat and chicken. Also, aside from that, they are truly conscious of their health and would prepare a balanced meal with the taste…show more content…
That is impressive. I have read an article about subjective omniscient POV stating that it is difficult for some to master, especially with the constant threat of head-hopping. Now, I am more curious to read your work! Since you do seem to weave interesting plots, especially the development of the story, I think this would fit you, especially for adding drama into it. I do believe that this would be suitable for your writing style. However, if you do want to focus to the characters' emotions, then I would suggest the First Person Subjective POV, for you can freely express what the characters truly felt without the worry for head-hopping. I do enjoy this POV, mainly due to the fact that I could be another person, and that i could explore the personality with liberty. And as for the plot, it would simply form as I write. I am not certain, but it would just do, especially when I am absorbed into listening to a melancholic ballad, or when inspiration strikes me. As for a writing collab, it sounds nice to have someone plot a story with you, that truly sounds interesting. I have never tried that before. Moreover, I think it would be best to constantly keep in touch with your partner in terms with the story's development, so that both could see how it would

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