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Aashish Shrestha English Comp- I Take Advantage of Opportunities Bruno mars is a singer, songwriter, record producer, voice artist and a choreographer. He is a native Hawaiian born on October 8, 1985 in Honolulu. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez but was given the nickname Bruno at the age of two by his father; his father gave Mars this nickname because of his resemblance to a professional wrestler Bruno Sammartino. I feel that if a person is in a relationship he/she should be loyal, honest, and caring to his/her partner. A relationship is built upon trust and it flourishes with both of the partners being happy with the relationship and with each other. If you are in love with someone, you should want to spent time with that person and…show more content…
This is the first half of the chorus where he explains he was “too young” and “too dumb” to realize he should have done more things for her so that she would have felt more special and important. He was very naive to let a girl amazing as she was to walk out of his life by not “buying her flowers” and not “holding her hand”. He feels that he did not spend enough time and put forth enough energy into the relationship to make her feel that she was special. He knew the girl very well, all of her interests like dancing and going to parties. But even though he was aware of all these attributes she possessed, he did not capitalize on the situation to keep this amazing woman that he loved with him. But now he realized that it is too late to fix the mistakes he made because she now has found another…show more content…
He was too busy thinking about the future and this cause him to forget what was most important at the present time. He also says she was a strong woman. It might be because she loved her too much but she left him for his actions even though she still loved him. He says that he can never clean up the mess he made for it was too late to do so. The fact that he was too late for getting his girl back haunts him every time he closes his eyes. He is suffering for his past actions which happened due to his ego and

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