Personal Narrative: The Crucifixion

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It was a beautiful 2003 day in Branson, Missouri one summer. I was on vacation with my family like every summer since 2001 and still going strong now in 2015. It is always a fun time lots of laughs and smiles. Going on the boat every day. Doing some tubing, skiing, jumping off cliffs, or just floating. We have lots of great stories from our vacation. If it’s my uncle hitting his foot on the cleat of the boat after telling everyone to not do that. Then ending up going to urgent care and my dad having to give up his favorite golf towel and having to swim back to shore to get the truck. Or us hitting our propeller on a log and driving back 2 mph and having the boat guy grab a rope and pull us in with his teeth and swimming. Or the year a tractor got too far into the water and got stuck and flooded it. But, today we will just talk about me and a memory of me in a story. A quite funny story we still talk about today. But hey I was like 8 so I didn’t know better. I bet you are wondering what could have happened huh? Especially with a title like “The Crucifixion”.…show more content…
It was a crucifixion play. The intense type of Jesus and his story in life and him getting crucified. Anyways the play was going so well everything was going great no errors. Until during a dead quiet moment you hear this THPPTPHTPHPHHPH! It is going on for like five minutes. What the heck is that? Well it was a longest loudest fart you’d ever hear coming from me. Dead silent just think about it and some kid just letting the longest fart ever oh gosh. How embarrassing. I’d be like that isn’t my kid if I was my parents just be looking around like who did that. Oh gosh so bad. I probably started like laughing and like oh man did you hear that one mama or something just think of a little kid claiming his great fart oh man. But what can ya do kids can’t control their farts as well as

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