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When the average person thinks of villains they generally think of some creature or some person that is out to get them in some sadistic manner. What if I told you that not all villains were the kind that go bump in the night, but the kind that stand in broad daylight look you straight in the face and smile. We will explore the mind of Hannibal Lecter and his clever yet vicious ways on how he deals with his victims. Hannibal Lecter is by far the most captivating and machiavellian character to ever hit the typewriter and on-screen. Thomas Harris is the method behind the madness on The Chesapeake Ripper or more commonly known as Hannibal Lecter. Harris wrote the first Hannibal novel, Red Dragon in 1981. Lecter was introduced as a forensic psychiatrist…show more content…
Lecter and his family were making their escape from their family home Castle Lecter in Lutinania, when a German Stuka tank fired upon and destroyed a Soviet tank destroying the family's car and killing everyone except for Hannibal and his sister Mischa. Before Lecter and Mischa had a chance to run, six former lutaininan militia men led by a Nazi collaborator Vladis Grutas. Vladis and his men rush the vehicle, loot it and kidnap Hannibal and Mischa. Helplessly Lecter watches as the men scower the vehicle food and find none. The men take Lecter and Mischa to a underground "safehouse". Hannibal and his sister where put in seperate cells, but little did he know his sister had been murdered and been eaten. The men fed Hannibal took care of him very well given the circumstances. but Hannibal had completely lost contact with his sister. One of the men came to Hannibal one night and gave him what looks like a plate with a a small bird cooked and said "We have decided to feec you well tonight" but Hannibal unwittingly was eating his own sister. Lecter eventually finds out that he had ate Mischa. Hannibal escapes a couple of days after that. Wondering helpless and traumatized a german soldier takes him back to back to castle Lecter. Soon after Hannibal develops an insatiable passion to find the murderers and…show more content…
Hannibal Lecter. The novel starts in Florence, Italy where Hannibal is living under the alias "Dr.Fell". Mason Verger was a "sadistic pedophile" survived Lecters Drugs, tourtures, and mutilations during one of their therapy sessions, offers on a very huge reward to anyone who apprehends Lecter. Vergers plan for Lecter is to "feed him to feral pigs whom have been bred for this purpose". Verger plans to hire a group of investigators which include an Italian police officer named with a not so happy past named Rinaldo Pazzi, a corrupt Justice Department officalby the name of Paul Krendler and also FBI agent Clarice Starling's boss. Starling is on the case in hopes that she will put this horrendous killer behind bars once and for all, but in her attempts to be the hunter she turned out to be the hunted Lecter nearly being caught himself. Later in the novel Lecter meets up with Vergers sister Margot, using his elegant and calm speaking voice convinces her to kill her as revenge for years of sexual torture she endured at his hand. Lecter later leaves a voice mail to claim responsibility for the crime, but is nowhere to be found. Agent Starling on the other hand had a complete different fate all together, Lecter rescues her and takes her to his rented lake house where he tries to change her into his dead sister Mischa with a series of mind

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