Stereotypes In Watership Down

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Summary Watership Down is a compelling story of friendship, hard work, and adventure. Our story starts off with two young rabbit brothers, Fiver and Hazel. While they are out feeding they see a white sign on posts that has black markings they can’t understand but they recognize as human. When they are back in the Warren, (basically a tribe of rabbits, or where they live) Fiver has a prophetic dream that something terrible will happen because of that sign. This isn’t his first vision and he has never been wrong before, so he and Hazel go tell their leader about the dream. Of course, their chief rabbit the Threarah doesn’t believe them, so they decide to leave the warren themselves before it is too late. They gather a small group of rabbits,…show more content…
Hazel and the rabbits went through countless hardships and without their close bond they wouldn’t have even made it past the river. They all knew each other's strengths and weaknesses and utilized every rabbit to get out of Cowslip’s warren and invade Efrafa. Even when Hazel went to Nuthanger under Holly’s nose, he did it with a group because he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. Some people think they can do everything by themselves and live a solitary lifestyle but it's just not possible. No matter how many strengths we have, we also have weaknesses and we need friends to fill the gaps of the things we can’t do. When you are hurting, physically or mentally, you need friends to support you. Whenever someone in Hazel’s warren was injured, the other rabbits did everything they could to accommodate them. Whether it was taking a few extra days of rest on a journey for Bigwig’s leg or making a boat for pipkin to get across a river, the rabbits are always willing to go out of their way to help each other and that's what made them so successful in their endeavors. I used to bottle everything up and never tell anyone because I felt no one cared. When you have a close group of friends who care about you deeply, you don’t have to hide your emotions because you know they will be there to support you until you are okay. Rabbit or human, we all need the compassion and assistance of…show more content…
It signifies a new beginning in the form of the warren being destroyed, and that the destruction of the warren will come regardless if the rabbits believe it or not. Rain is also known for forcing people together and it does, the ragtag group of rabbits who run away barely know each other, but they quickly form a fast friendship because of shared struggle and motive and it helps them in many of their endeavors. At one point the rabbits are walking through fog and it couldn’t be more obviously described: “All was confusion, ignorance, clambering, and exhaustion.” The fog signifies the characters’ confusion of where they going, but on a deeper level it is a way of expressing their confusion at their whole running away situation. The rabbits have never been outside of the warren before and they have already gone through so much hardship on their journey. They’re not sure if it was worth it to leave and they don’t know if they can even trust each other. As soon as the fog is lifted they find a perfect field and are united even stronger than before. When the rabbits reach watership down it rains again, but this time the rain isn’t foreshadowing the death of the warren, it's an indicator of the fresh start the rabbits have found. They have passed

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