Mia Hamm: A Short Story

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Today is the day that decides my future. It is the biggest soccer game of my life. This game will prove my worthiness for playing at Stanford, my number one college. My parents tell me to relax, but I cannot. I have had butterflies in my stomach for weeks and anxiety dreams at least once a week. I have not been more nervous for anything in my life. 8 o’clock Sunday morning, I am already practicing for my game. I run around my neighborhood, about a mile for agility. My dad practices heading the soccer ball and foot work with me. The only thing I have left to do is mentally prepare; mentally preparing helps my mind be calm and focused. I eat my favorite breakfast for energy, waffles. As I get dressed in my uniform, I put my lucky…show more content…
Before we begin to practice, I read about my biggest idol, Mia Hamm. Reading her stories, always inspire me to play my best in soccer games; she is like my second coach. My real coach, Coach Lea, calls each of us over individually for a pep talk. She calls my name. I walk over with jitters flowing through my veins. I am so nervous. She looks me square in the eyes and says, “Relax. Who cares about the scouts? Don’t tell anybody else, but you have the best chance of getting a scholarship. You are the best athlete I have seen in years. Actually, Sarah, you remind me of a girl. This girl was amazing; it was like the ball was a limb on her body. One game, she let fear of messing up get to her, so she ran off the field and did not play. That girl was I. Win the game for the girl that was too afraid to play. Most of all, win the game for yourself.” I nod in gratitude and begin passing with my friend Laura; Laura always knows how to make feel good and unafraid. The referee calls the captains from my team over, me. I introduce myself to the other captain; she is a tall and scary looking girl. As the referee repeats the rules, I have a feeling this mediator is very harsh and not lenient with fouls. He flips the coin and I say heads. Luckily, it lands on heads. My team gets the shaded side and we start off with the…show more content…
I try to move, but I cannot. I ask myself, “Am I dead?” This is not real. I feel someone pick me up, but I cannot hear them speaking. I feel my mother’s touch on forehead; I wish I could speak to her. After ten minutes of blackness and silence, I begin to hear an ambulance. My body is rushed onto a moving bed, then lifted into the ambulance. I can hear people saying medical terms that I do not understand. Doctors are touching my head and checking my pulse every minute. I try to find the power to scream, but I can’t. Someone whispers in my ear, “It will be alright, but honey you gotta fight for your life.” How can I fight for my life, if I can’t even move? Someone screams, “3 2 1!” Everywhere in my body is vibrating. The energy from the electric shock gives me energy to open my eyes for five seconds. I close them to blink, but I cannot reopen

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