Stereotypes In The Film, Star Clint Eastwood

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Star Clint Eastwood's character isn't much of a role model, either -- unrepentantly grumpy, smoking and drinking throughout the film and a man bursting with energy, most of which he uses to hold himself in. Each word, each scowl, seems to have broken loose from a deep place. he does stand up for this whole family that he has a racial hatred for, and teaches the boy new things, gets him a job, and saves the family from a intimidating and life-threatening gang run by the boy's corrupted cousin and friends. He sacrifices himself to save Toad from the gang members tormenting his family and learned to love who he hated them most The main point of the movie was, how walt progress and learns to let go of his racial prejudice and teaches a young man the values of working hard and that violence should only be a last resort to a problem.…show more content…
Ahneys character was bright, accepting, and open-minded. She brought Eastwood out of his shell. She knew enough history and common sense to tear down his emotional walls. By befriending Eastwood, he gained a respect for her people and built a fatherly relationship with Toah. Toah gained confidence and self-respect, and Eastwood was able to have his father-son relationship vicariously through being friends with Toah. Sue, who insist that Thao work for Walt as a way to make amends. The motion picture is additionally surprisingly savage in spots, with ridiculous beatings and fierce shootings delineated sensibly and

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