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Imagine a world with no Van Gogh. No Beethoven, Picasso, or even Mickey Mouse. Imagine a world where black and white is the norm, and where rules are always followed. A world without art is not a world worth living in. I cannot imagine a place where I couldn’t read my favorite book over and over, a place where I’m constantly told to draw inside of the lines. Every person has a passion, and that passion can be crucial for survival. In Station Eleven, we see characters that are passionate about acting, music, or writing. How did these hobbies impact them, both before and after the pandemic? It is clear that art affected each of the characters in Station Eleven, and their development would not have been the same without it. The book starts with Arthur Leander, an actor, suffering from a heart attack during a production of King Lear. This is…show more content…
She wrote the comic books Dr. Eleven, the same comic books that Kirsten reads constantly. When Miranda is first introduced, she’s an office worker, bored by the repetitious life of being a secretary. In her downtime, she enjoys working on her comic books. In fact, her ex-boyfriend Pablo says to her “You’re always half on Station Eleven,” (87). Miranda often uses her comics as a way to avoid problems. I notice in the book when she’s facing a problem, she works on her comics. The night of the dinner party, when she realizes Arthur has been cheating on her, she goes to her study to work on Dr. Eleven (104). She’s also very protective of her comics, during the dinner party when asked if she would publish them she replies, “It’s the work itself that’s important to me. Not whether I publish it or not,” (95). The relationship Miranda has with her comics is almost like one would have with their diary. She uses it as an escape, to vent almost. Miranda’s comics were one of the only consistent things in her life, and I think that’s why she felt so attached and dedicated to

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