Two Characters In Plutarch's Life

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Themistocles and Aristides were ensconced in a hostile, and they were both leaders at Athens with different political perspectives and personalities in the same era. Based on the biographies of those two characters in Plutarch’s Lives, Themistocles was an ambitious leader with a clever mind, while Aristides was an understated leader, especially for justice. Definitely, according to their own life stories, they were both talented and outstanding leaders no matter how opponent they were. As Plutarch mentioned that there was “no doubt the utter dissimilarity of their lives and characters must have widened the breach between them” (Plutarch 79), so their behaviors and characters were extremely diverse. Themistocles behaved unstably and followed his own natural instincts when he was young, but he still got the valid sense of the danger to “put his city into training” (Plutarch 80) for future naval battle…show more content…
Aristides had been banished for several years at that time, Themistocles brought Aristides back proposing a decree. In addition, Aristides came to Themistocles to stop their feud and stay together to “fight out the issue” (Plutarch 118). In this part, Aristides showed his magnanimity to give his opponent Themistocles all the aid to help him for the sake of Athens based on his understated character (Plutarch 118). He did not require to be the most famous man with honor, instead, he was concentrated on assisting Themistocles to gain glory. Themistocles absolutely showed his exceeding skill and judgement in this fight to save Athens and Greeks (Plutarch 92). For example, he “appears to have chosen the time for the battle as judiciously as he had the place” (Plutarch 91) to help themselves won this battle with Xerxes who was with better fighting ability than Athens. Also Themistocles was determined to achieve the honor for

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