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Research outline/project: Starbucks [Kevin Nimmo] [National University] [LED-410] March 11, 2015 [Lance Ruiz] Abstract Starbucks is arguably the most popular company in the world in the food and beverage industry. For years now, the company is listed as one of the most ethical companies in the world. This success of the company is reflected majorly on its market leadership and great profitability. Meanwhile, numerous factors affect the success of the company like the flavor of its products, its excellent customer service, the ambience of its branches, and many more attributes which can be traced back to the great leadership of its company executives. Such leadership which garnered…show more content…
As a way of destabilizing such stigma, some of the employees of these business enterprises enroll in colleges and universities but the small income they get from waiting tables and preparing food is not enough to send them to school. Starbucks, on one hand, provided great opportunity to its employees as it partnered with Arizona State University to enable the students attain online classes without any…show more content…
This will uplift the morale of the employees as they can see how they are valued by the organization where they belong. This will keep them motivated to attend to workplace and exert their best efforts since they are not working only for the daily wages but for the lifelong benefit that their affiliation with the company will provide them. While most of the companies expect that they will retain employees after they invested in their education, Starbucks have a different thing in mind as they move either for the promotion of the employees in the corporate ladder or allow them to land other job opportunities outside of the industry as they will eventually be equipped with the tool of education. Aside from the educational benefits that the company provided for its employees, it also announced that it will give health care benefits to the part-time employees of the company. This strategy has a twofold benefit as on one side, it will enhance the productivity of the employees while on the other, it will assure the sanitary value of the products as there is a great correlation between the former and the health of the employees (Cunningham,

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