How Important Was Operation Valkyrie's Role In Ww2

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There was a plot in World War II that almost brought Germany to its knees. The plot was so big and would be difficult to pull off. The plot was to kill Hitler, commonly known as the “July 20 Plot”, or Operation Walküre, or Valkyrie in English. The plot was carried out by people who thought Hitler was destroying Germany. But the plot failed. Operation Valkyrie was the closest assassination attempt that was almost successful, and it was significant had a lasting effect on Hitler, which led to his demise. There were many conspirators in the plot. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg was the key person that would pull off the attempt. He would be able to have direct access to Hitler, therefore making him the person to carry out the plot. Edwin Rommel…show more content…
Some person would assume a role in the government that would be predefined before the plot actually happened. Valkyrie would also disarm the army’s troops in the process. Stauffenberg was assigned to plant a bomb to kill Hitler, but he waited until there was a chance. On July 20, 1944, at 12:44 p.m. in the Wolf’s Lair, Stauffenberg would detonate the bomb. However, there were 2 bombs and only one was armed. To make matters worse, after he placed it as close to Hitler as close as he possibly could, the bomb would be moved behind a large leg in the table. The moment Stauffenberg went out of the room for a “phone call”, the bomb…show more content…
He ordered the arrests of about 5,000 people. Only 200 executions were performed, and everyone else was released due to not enough evidence. Most people arrested were remotely not involved in the plot. Even his General Eric Fromm would be executed because he was barely involved in the plot itself. Hitler became very paranoid in the final days of his life. He and his wife (newly wed) were both going to commit suicide because he would be cornered anyway. A bullet and a cyanide pill for Hitler and a bullet for the wife. Both were found dead in an apartment. As a result he wanted to escape the inevitable for the price of

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