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Saint Lucy was born into a wealthy, Roman Catholic family. When she was just a baby, she lost her father and was left behind with her mom. Saint Lucy was known for her beautiful eyes; that were said to represent her love for Christ. When Lucy got a little older, her Mother demanded that she marry a rich pagan man; but Lucy did not agree. She claimed that she was married to her religion; and was devoting herself to having good faith. When Lucy was just a young teenager, she helped Catholics hide underground who were at risk of persecution. She would wear a wreath of candles on hear head to lead the people through the darkness. Saint Lucy could make people happy; even in a time of crisis. Lucy's mother become very sick from a bleeding problem.…show more content…
The Pagan man proposed to Lucy and was furious when he heard the news. He decided to destroy Lucy's life exposing her as a Christian to the Governor of Syracuse, Sicily. This was a time where many Christians were persecuted for their faith. The governor sent his guards to forcefully take Lucy to a brothel house and then insult her in public. They claimed that she was heavier than a mountain. When the Governor questioned her as to how she could stay strong, she told him that it was the power of Jesus. They tortured Lucy to death, and she died as a martyr. Saint Lucy's feast day is December 13th, and she is the patron saint of blindness. Her prayer is mainly for people looking for a healing of eye problems and the healing of one's soul; known as the novena prayer. Saint Lucy was not canonized, because she was pre-congregation. Pre-congregation means that the church had not yet created the procedure for canonization. She became a saint by popular decision, but was created by early Christians because of her martyrdom. The Christian Church chose Lucy to become a saint because of the love she showed for Christ by giving up her life for him. Saint Lucy's body is incorruptible; meaning it never decomposes. Her body currently is in a church in Venice, Italy on

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