Macbeth Hero Vs Monster

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The difference between a hero and monster is not always as black and white as some may believe. Distinguishing what is curel and what is necessary; considering the impact of one’s actions; determining when ambition overrules loyalty: many factors determine what makes one a hero or a monster. Shakepseare’s Macbeth, Man of Steel, and Pacific Rim all illustrate just how difficult it is to define the two. The words cruelty and necessity are words that are originally associated with deeds performed by a person and the evaluation of their actions. In Macbeth, Shakespeare utilizes Macbeth as a warrior and king to discriminate between the two ideas. At the very beginning of the play, Macbeth is hailed as a great hero after he brutally killed the…show more content…
Good men feel guilt over their actions if they now they are wrong. Before the killing of Duncan, Macbeth feels that exact guilt because he knows that murdering Duncan is wrong, “We will proceed no further in this business for he hath honored me of late.”(1.7.34) Duncan has been kind to Macbeth and blessed him with many titles for his honor and valor and killing him now would be against who Macbeth is. Macbeth’s regret makes people believe he is a hero because even though he kills people he feels bad and regrets what he has done even if it was out of necessity. In contradistinction, Macbeth begins to loose his guilt as the play goes on. When he confronts the witches for the final time he says, “The very firstlings of my heart shall be the firstlings of my hand.”(4.1.167) Macbeth has begun to forego thinking about his deeds and decides to immediately carry out his ideas. This results in the death of Macduff’s family and Macbeth feels no remorse for the sins he has committed. People believe that a hero will feel guilty for killing even if it was necessary, a hero values life and taking that gift away causes regret. Good example from and outside source is the movie Man of Steel. The movie builds up to the final fight between Superman and General Zod. Despite the many crimes Zod had committed, Superman can’t bring himself to kill him. Only when Zod attempts to kill a bunch of people does Superman kill him. Even after that, he still regrets what he did. Superman is undoubtedly a hero and this shows how heroes feel regret even when faced with no other choice when taking a life. Once again, the difference between a hero and monster is seen to be slim by the simple idea that guilt is something only honorable people can

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