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On Chapter One Robert A. Divine stated the Oval office was in a state of chaos after events that followed the launch of the first man made earth satellite named Sputnik. These shocking news threw the nation into mass hysteria. Scientists believed America was falling behind the Russians in matters such as education. On Chapter Two President Eisenhower made sound budgetary decisions in response to Sputnik. He knew not to panic, this race for supremacy would drag on for decades. The Defense Department gave the order to make the IRBM its top priority to be a deterrent against Russian ICBMs, these IRBMs would be deployed at Allied Nations in Europe to be effective. On Chapter Three, 3rd November 1957 Soviet Russia once again stunned the world by sending Sputnik II weighing at…show more content…
Johnson lead a Preparedness Subcommittee, the results of this committee found that under the Truman administration, cuts were made to the ICBM programs giving the lead to the Russians. On 6th December 1957 was the first launch of Vanguard American missile. A National Humiliation, it exploded shortly after takeoff. On Chapter Five, President Eisenhower gave his State of the Union speech. Introducing plans to increase defense spending, reorganization of the Pentagon, limited federal aid to education and creation of a civilian space agency. Finally on 31st January 1958 the Jupiter-C blasted off setting a U.S. satellite in orbit, named Explorer. On Chapter Six, President Eisenhower charged Killian to create a space policy. Not to focus on stunts but on bold thinking. Eisenhower was so pleased with Killian’s report that he requested one be created for public viewing. On Chapter Seven, the question was of how much the missile programs were going to cost. The President had proposed a $40 billion budget for 1959. Pressure from Congress, Eisenhower did increase military budget. Trying to win a moral victory, keeping it in check by not raising it to the amount Democrats

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