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Preventing and Dealing with Sports Concussions Abstract: The purpose of our research is to discover more about the harms of a concussion and how they can be prevented or treated. Introduction: Concussions are one of the most common injuries in sports, affecting more than 3.8 million athletes per year . Concussions occur when an object strikes a person’s head, or from a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head or neck. Usually, for minor impacts, the cerebral spinal fluid absorbs the hit and prevents the brain from knocking against the skull. However, when an athlete gets hit usually with the force of at least 100 G’s, more than ten times the amount of a fighter pilot, the brain breaks past the cerebral fluid and hits the skull, resulting…show more content…
Usually doctors start off by asking the patient questions on how they are feeling and then basic questions. An example of a basic question is can you name the people in your family or can u count to 10? If the person is unable to answer these questions due to the severity of the concussion then the patient is taken through an MRI or a Computed Tomography scan otherwise known as a CAT scan. Although these pieces of technology can detect concussions, sometimes it does not and the person may not notice until later. Immediately after a doctor diagnosis a concussion, the concussed person should not return back to sports or activities in which require movement for at least one week. Every doctor will advise a person with a concussion to not do activities in which require physical contact because they can have a higher risk of a new brain injury. Doctors will frequently recommend, unless it is a severe concussion, to get back to daily schedule as soon as possible. Once the severity of the concussion is discovered and it is recommended to seek physical therapy, the physical therapist can then create a certain treatment based on the type of concussion. Because every concussion is unique, a single diagnosis for treatment should not be used for another

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