I Am Nujood, Age 10 And Divorced Analysis

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In “I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced”, Delphine Minoui works with Nujood Ali to tell the story of courage and bravery. At the age of nine, Nujood was forced into marriage with a man more than three times her age. Her new husband makes and breaks the traditional vow that he will not consummate the wedding until she is old enough,. “I am Nujood” begins with this extremely brave young woman on the steps of the courthouse. It is a long struggle to Nujood’s freedom from there. Nujood still finds a way to enjoy her childhood even though her life is far from easy. Nujood’s father has two wives and is seemingly incapable of supporting his family with his little salary, forcing the rest of the family to find ways to make ends meet. Her father agrees to an arranged marriage for Nujood, in an attempt to ease his burden, with the condition that he not consummate the marriage until one year after her first period. Not only does the new husband break this condition immediately, but he beats and rapes Nujood nightly.…show more content…
At the beginning of Nujood’s ordeal, several Yemenese men step forward to stick up for Nujood’s rights even though they were aware that the government and law would not be on their side. Educated and empowered women in these countries are also willing to stand up and challenge these harsh and unjust laws. One of these women is Shada Nasser, would become Nujood’s lawyer and

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