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“Rangers lead the way” is a quote shouted by some of the most elite soldiers in the world. Those soldiers are the Army Rangers. Since the revolutionary war to present day they have gone through extensive training with top of the line equipment and so much more just to protect our country through land, sea, and air. Army rangers were first formed in the revolutionary war under the ranks of Francis Marion. They were called the rangers because they would send a small group of men to do the impossible and with their good training they carried out the mission using tactics like guerrilla warfare witch was invented by the rangers. Guerrilla warfare was just luring enemies into several ambushes, so what they would do is ambush the enemies then run…show more content…
Those who pass ranger training are practically super heroes with all of the physical and mental abuse they go through. There are three phases of ranger training the crawl phase, the walk phase, and the run phase. The crawl phase lasts 20 days that is the phase that they teach the soldiers to have a tolerance for pain. The crawl phase is also the phase that most people drop out on because the army will only give them enough food and water to keep the alive. The walk phase is a 21 day course that consists of walking in the mountains, learning how to successfully run a combat patrol on rough terrain. Then there’s the run phase this is the longest and easiest phase. In that phase soldiers are taught to run full on missions through land, sea, and air. Not only do they teach soldiers how to survive in war but they teach them how to keep everything they own clean and completely organized along with many other morals and rules to follow. If a soldier fails in any of these phases they will be kicked from the school. In all ranger school is very hard to get through and those who do make it through go on to be Americas greatest. After training the rangers who made it through ranger school where deployed where every there were needed to be and were put in their own squads. If America isn’t in a war the rangers are stationed in bases as guards in case there is an attack but as soon as America goes to war all rangers are deployed

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