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Sports Clips is very up in coming franchise and I believe that it would be found very useful in the College Park area. Throughout your life, you build a relationship with your barber. Once you leave home for college, you need to find a new place that you trust. Sports Clips offers a very unique experience that many have not seen before. Furthermore, they were rated on Entrepreneur’s top 50-franchise list and was number 10 on the list of the fastest growing franchises in 2015. Even though the haircutting industry is massive, Sports Clips offers much more than your average barber or salon. It offers entertainment at the same time as you get your haircut. Sports stations playing on televisions around the shop gives the customers incentive to come…show more content…
In addition to this money, there is a start-up cost of $100,000 and $12,500 per additional licenses. This start-up cost includes the franchise fee of $59,500 for three licenses. It comes to a total investment range of $160,000 to $316,000 depending on other factors. There is a 6% royalty on this franchise, which means that one party must pay another in order to use the assets essential to keep the franchise…show more content…
If it continues to have success like it is, it will become more popular over the years. Since 2011, the amount of franchises in the United States has increased from 772 to 1,350. In addition to these franchises, it has expanded to Canada with 23 salons. The company began franchising in 1995 and has continued to grow ever since. Sport Clips does many things in order to make sure that their franchises stay healthy and are successful. They help with marketing by sending out newsletters, have a toll-free phone line and help with lease

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