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The Thrill of the Fight Survivor wrote the song Eye of the Tiger in 1982 to be the theme song for Rocky 3, as written on www.songfacts.com. It happened to be the biggest movie of 1982. This song was supposed to show how Rocky came back from nothing and became the champ. Never the less this song meant a lot of different things to many different people. This song also had many different themes such as desire, struggle, determination, courage, and empowered state of mind. The first verse of “Eye of the Tiger" main theme is desire. " Did my time, took my chances" are lyrics saying that he has done what he needed to…show more content…
“Face to face, out in the heat/ Hangin’ tough, stayin’ hungry’ is him talking about how he is facing the world he is in the spot light. He is staying strong and in shape so he can prove himself to the world. “For we will kill with the skill to survive’ he is saying when he gets in the ring he will win. He has the skill to win the fight. If I had to pick I would have picked determination as one of my strongest traits. When I woke up I could not even feed myself, walk, or even cover myself up, but I was very determined with the help of my family and friends to recover quickly. It was upsetting at first but the more therapy the more determined I got. Determination helped me get up and walk without any guide of a walker or cane in not even a week and a half. It helped me achieve anything I set my mind too even beating cancer. The major theme in verse four is courage. He talks about how he has what it takes in the lyrics “Have the gut, got the glory’. He wants to sound courageous by telling us that he knows he has what it takes to accomplish his dream. “Went the distance now I’m not gonna stop” he talks about how he has come this far and he’s not gonna stop now. He’s doing well it is not the time to give up on his

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