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Artist Paper Donald Sultan is an American painter, sculptor and printmaker. Known for large-scale still life paintings. He is also known for the use of tar, enamel, spackle and vinyl tiles. He was born May fifth nineteen-fifty one in Asheville, North Carolina. He has an educational background in SchooArt institute of Chicago. Donald Sultan worked in the pop art period along with the abstract expressionism period. exhibiting internationally in prominent museums and galleries, and his works are included in important museum collections all over the globe. Donald Sultan is a recipient of several honors and awards for his artistic achievements and abilities. I chose Donald Sultan’s print titled “Black Roses,” it is what the title describes, black roses. It’s a print of two simple black roses with long stems with several leaves. He used soft lines throughout this piece. He carved the outline of the picture, painted over it with black and then printed it on to his choice of material. It’s black and is twenty-two by thirty inches. The element of art…show more content…
It is (as is a common thing you’ll notice in his pieces) literally lantern flowers.You see six bulbs with the stems and vinery throughout the artwork. Like his previous piece I had chosen he had the same process. He outlined what he wanted to remain in the picture and carved out everything else so the only thing left is the flowers and stems. He then covered it in ink and pressed it on to his chosen piece of material. The colors are black and white, however he technically only used black as the white is the absence of ink used. The picture is forty-one by seventy-seven inches in size. The predominant elements of art used in Lantern Flowers are form, shape and space. I’d have to say shape is the biggest one used, however. The principle of design being used is Emphasis and it is being used to catch your attention on the flowers only, which makes this piece

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