Spider Monkeys: A Narrative Fiction

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“Jenna Lyn Irey, tell me you're joking,” Mom says in a high pitch voice on the phone, making my face cringe. “Unfortunately, this is no laughing kind of joke Mother... I definitely broke it,” “What on earth happened?!” she shouts in disbelieve. “Well... Let me tell you a short story Ma.” I say with embarrassment and a sigh. Brandon, Dalton, Teondra, Clayton, and I were all downstairs hanging out when all of the sudden Teondra is in my face saying, “Jenna, Jenna, what do I do? Dalton is mad and I don't know why, I just want him to be happy again,” Teondra stresses, almost out of breath. Being the brilliant person that I am, I think of a move my big cousin, Kaleigh, taught me. The spider monkey move; a move that can take down anyone that you wish. The spider monkey move begins with a running start at your target and leaping onto them, wrapping your arms and legs around them to where they have nowhere to go; this is all done in one swift motion.…show more content…
Just go over and do this to him,” I say with confidence as I take off on my sneak attack mission on Brandon, who is watching pool with absolutely no clue that he is about to be my next spider monkey victim. It happened so quickly, that Brandon didn't even know what hit him. I leap onto him like a tree frog leaping onto a limb, and suddenly fall to the ground, hitting my head on the pool table on the way down. My face smashes against the thick carpet, sending a burning sensation all throughout my cheek. Brandon gets up quickly, unsure of what just happen and slightly

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