Knowledge Comes At A Price In 'By The Waters Of Babylon'

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I believe knowledge comes at a price for many reasons. All knowledge comes at a price, but depending on what it is. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon and it has always been hard to come by. The main reason for gaining knowledge is experience. For example, many people gain experience of trying new things, physical activities with new pursuits. Knowledge does come at a price because nowadays everyone has to pay for an education, whether it is through tax or whether it is directed through a school. Without the knowledge we are nothing and with the knowledge we are everything and understand better. Some of the problems of obtaining knowledge would be stress. There was a study of stress among students of professional colleagues from an urban area in India. Out of the 1224 students, 24.4% received stress. In the story “By the waters of Babylon” John has been through a lot and hard work to get to the Place of God’s. John also suffered because sometimes he wouldn’t eat and how cold it was over there and he would have to make a raft to get to the Place of Gods. This shows that…show more content…
Their were two important characters in the story. The first character is John. John is the main character of the story. John becomes a priest after his father and goes to the Dead Places to make John touch the metal. During the story, John has shown himself as an ignorant character because he has been told not to go east, but he decides to go there. He also doesn’t know what he will experience in the east, but with his courage and ambition in his character. He made a firm decision to get to the Place of Gods. . His soul wanted him to go there. And if he didn’t go there he would have kept questioning what's inside the Place of Gods. John decided to go and with his bravery and determination, he successfully arrived to the Place of Gods. and went back to his village with enough knowledge about the place everyone was

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