Spartacus Ethical Issues

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In my Essay, I will be explaining the moral issues in the movie Spartacus. Spartacus was the main character and a very important heroic figure in the movie. He was a young slave who lost his mother and father at a young age, he hated the cruelty of slavery and wanted their to be a end. Spartacus was looked up to by many slaves and even leaders for his courage and bravery. I plan to analyze to moral issues in my essay. Spartacus had to decide whether or not to kill the young man or let the young man kill him at the end of the movie. The was a significant moral decision that happened near the end of the story, it showed the kind of person Spartacus was. Near the ending of the movie, all the rebel slaves have been crucified. Spartacus and another slave are outside the Roman gates guarded by Roman soldiers waiting for their deaths by morning. Crassus instead made a decision that night for Spartacus and the other slave fight until one of them dies, and the winner would be crucified. Does he let the young man kill him and spare himself the agony of death by crucifixion, or does he kill the young man and spare the slave the agony of crucifixion?…show more content…
Spartacus choose to stab the other slave to save him from the agony of crucifixion. This shows that Spartacus is a very selfless person, he could have chosen the easier way of death. But because he had so much love in his heart for is friend he gave himself for him. This to me is the most important moral in this movie, it really makes you think about what’s really important in life. The consequences for Spartacus was going through the tremendous pain of death, and his wife watching him hang

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