Glorification Of Black Death Analysis

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The Glorification of Black Death Unfortunately, TV shows and movies broadcast everyday depict the glorification of Black death. Our society uses Black death as an entertainment leverage to diminish the portrayal of our people. Albeit they may claim these movies and shows are only for entertainment purposes, society begins to believe the inaccuracies of the Black race presented to be true, soiling our reputation. There are countless movies and TV shows that are set up to portray the Black family and Black relationships. The movie Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a perfect example on how a movie focuses on the glorification of Black death. Black death can refer to the killing of the Black reputational, mental, physical, and…show more content…
She slowly begins to grow intense feelings for a man she works for and has an affair with him. The movie highlights the negative and imperfection aspects within the couple’s relationship. According to the book Love, Intimacy and the African American Couple, movies such as this, “lends credence to racialized tropes underlining the pathos of Black relationships” (Helm, 2013). In many movies, within the Black relationship, there is always someone that is dissatisfied and cheats or ill-treats the other. Society seems to believe that in Black marriages, at some point in time the relationship will become fractured. If this is what is constantly being presented about our relationships, then our relationships are subtly undermined and this is what people begin to believe is true. Furthermore, the movie was produced and directed by a Black man himself. Perhaps this just demonstrates how even our own race falls victim into deeming black relationships and marriages as ephemeral and…show more content…
In this show, a seemingly happy married Black man has an affair with an apparently happy married white woman (Perry, 2014). What is very twisted about this show is how they portray the characters. The married white woman who cheats on her husband with the black married man is portrayed as innocent who did not initiate the affair but simply let it happen. She is shown as very remorseful after the affair and emotionally ruined. Contrariwise, the Black man is depicted as aggressive and without self control. His character is presented as the one who initiates the affair and regretless. Similar to the movie Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, Black love and relationships are demoralized. In class, Professor Ruwe, asserts that black males are perceived as hyper everything (2015). Hyper active, hyper masculine, and hyper aggressive are a few terms that society may perceive them as. This is exactly what both of these films depict the Black men characters. The media presents Black males and Black relationships in a negative approach, almost purposely, to “spread the sickness” (so to speak) to those who lack self consciousness. They become mindless followers who accept the characteristics as true, which is just as bad as if they outright wanted to control our way of

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