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Robot and Frank is a 2012 film about an ex-jewel thief and his robot care-taker. Frank, who is being taking care of by his son Hunter from long distance, has dementia. Instead of leaving his family and his work, Hunter obtains a personal healthcare robot for his father. At first Frank does not like Robot, but soon comes to the realization that Robot can help him restart his old passion of lock picking and stealing. Because of this, Robot and Frank’s relationship is sparked and continues to grow throughout the film. Frank will tell anyone and everyone that his memory is fine and there is nothing wrong with him, but this is proven wrong in several parts of the movie. Throughout the movie Frank will say, “I am going to Harry’s” or “I’m eating…show more content…
Robot had seen Frank attempt to steal a small cat figurine, but Frank put it down because the worker almost caught him. Robot then picked up the figurine for Frank and had given it to him on the walk home. Because Robot did this Frank thought he could help him steal other things. Robot began to do things with Frank that Frank loved to do, such as lock-picking. As Frank teaches Robot how to pick locks he tells Robot his back story and tells Robot that he is growing on him. Frank’s relationship with Robot continues to flourish throughout the…show more content…
The police suspect that Frank is the one who broke into the house and stole Jake’s wife’s jewelry. Frank successfully gets rid of any evidence that he has against him except Robot’s memories. Robot tells Frank to wipe his memory so that Frank will not be caught, but Frank continues to argue and will not do it. Robot finally convinces Frank to wipe his memory by telling him that he is not a human so it does not matter. Frank is upset that he has to wipe Robot’s memory. Frank is hurt and saddened because in wiping Robot’s memory he is, in a way, losing a friend. This shows that Robot and Frank have a meaningful

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