Peter Godwin's When A Crocodile Eats The Sun

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The book When a Crocodile Eats the Sun was written by Peter Godwin. The book tells the story of his families struggles as white Africans in Zimbabwe. The book is Peter Godwin’s memoirs about growing up with Robert Mugabe ruling over Zimbabwe. Throughout the Book we learn about Mugabe’s land redistribution program, what it did, and how is was ran. We see the effects of the program from Goodwin’s family’s perspective as White Africans. We also see the effects the program has had on the country of Zimbabwe. Lastly we see the relationship between Peter and his father as he learns the truth about his father’s past. The first thing to think about in terms of this book is the title. When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, is actually an African tribal belief. The title of the book sets the tone for what the…show more content…
He got news that his father was very sick. Here Godwin learns about the Zulu Victory, and how the eclipse of the sun was a bad sign. His father had suffered from a heart attack. Godwin makes his way to his family. He is able to track down a new drug for his father. His father refuses to be taken by ambulance, so they have to recline a seat in the car. On the ride to the hospital they almost run out of gas. They get him to a hospital, however, the hospital has no budget. In the Hospital Godwin realizes he does not know that much about his father. In turn he realizes he does not know much about his father’s family meaning that half of his family he does not know. Godwin’s father’s condition slowing gets better. In May of 1998, this is the first time in the book Godwin discusses his viewpoint of the political problems in Zimbabwe. Georgina, his little sister, is thinking about leave the ZBC. She is upset about level of political interference. Godwin talks about Mugabe, and his Soldiers. How they became infected with HIV, and now the problem of AIDs in

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