Outline And Questions On Antigone's Morality

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3. Using lines 16-23, choose a line that best describes Antigone’s morality and explain why you chose that line. the line i choose that best describes antigone’s morality's is line 20 because this line shows her feelings and what is right or wrong antigone thinks 5. In one sentence, express Ismene’s argument against aiding Antigone as she explains it.ismene’s argument against antigone is founded mostly in line 31 and the reason of not aiding antigone is that she is afraid of getting punished by creon and thinks that since their women they can't do anything scene 1 1. In Creon’s first words to the Chorus, what are the “storms” that threatened to destroy the Ship of State? the first words creon said to the chorus is the storms are the brothers fighting each other and the ship of state is the government…show more content…
In this scene, we find that Ismene has a change of heart and wants to join Antigone in the death sentence. A. What do you believe to be Ismene’s motivation? i belive what motivated ismene to change was the guilt and a line on (453)and would not live if antigone is dead B. Why do you think that Antigone rejects Ismene and excludes her? antigone rejects ismene and excludes her is because ismene did not help antigonie at the begining and sided with ceron rules 6. What is the main idea/theme of ODE 2 (Lines 465-492)? the main idea of ode 2 is pride because it shows how much antigone will do to give his brother a honnorable burried and how creon is rulling scene 3 7. What is Haimon’s attitude at the start of the scene and how does it change by the end of the scene? Haimons attitude changes from the start to the end of the scene is at the start his attitude was polite and calm and wanted to convince Creon to not kill Antigone but his attitude change to logic and defensive when Creon says stuff about him and antigone. 8. ODE 3 is a very bitter commentary on love. What is the view of love given and why does the Chorus only give that one

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