Carl As A Tragic Hero In The Film Up

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In the film "Up," Peter Docter shows that it is important to be a risk taker. He shows this through the important risks Carl has to face. Carl comes to a conclusion of taking his house and tying balloons to the chimney entrance. He does this in order to bring himself, his house and the memory of his wife to their dream destination, Paradise falls. Though Carl initially thought that this was a good idea, he took a huge risk even though there was a chance that it might not work. During the movie Carl also comes to a conclusion that he is going to remove all of his furniture in order to recover his house from its stationary position. He does this in order to save his companion named Russell from the danger that he has put himself through. It becomes a huge risk for Carl as he is removing his most valuable belongings from his beloved house. Overall, Docter shows that Carl takes a lot of risks in order…show more content…
Closer to the end of the film Docter shows Carl removing all of his furniture from his beloved house. He removes all of his equipment, furniture and personal belongings. He even removes his two chairs that himself and Ellie shared when they were together. Carl was doing this as he was decreasing the weight of the house. He did this to make his house start flying again due to the loss of helium in the balloons. He tried very hard because he decided he wanted to save his companion Russell. Russell was in danger trying to save his beloved bird friend named Kevin from Charles Muntz. Carl was a huge risk taker in this part of the movie. This is because he was risking all of his valuable things for one little boy. Docter emphasises Carl being a risk taker due to his use of music in this scene. The music was intense but light at the same time. This showed the audience that what Carl was doing was hard and a risk for him but was the right thing to

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