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Greasers vs. Socs The Struggle Both the Greasers and the Socs had it pretty rough in the Outsiders but who really had it harder on them? I believe that the Greasers had it harder personally because of the lack of respect they get from the community. The reason I think this is because of the Greasers constant run in with the law. I can see how someone can understand how the Socs have it tougher than the Greasers because of how they are hated and get beat by the Greasers a lot, but the Greasers are also hated and don’t get any respect from the people in town. The Greasers obviously had harder because of their always getting in trouble with the police and the such little respect they get from the community in the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. One of the reasons the Greases had it harder is because of their constant run in with the police and how they were raised which affected how they acted. For example on page the narrator says,”Dally had spent three years on the wild side of New York and had been arrested at ten years…show more content…
Such as on page forty-five Cherry says “... if I see you in the hall at school or some place and don’t say hi, well it’s not personal or anything…” This shows that the Greasers don’t get treated the same as Socs. Socs don’t want to be seen with greasers, really no one does, they think it will bring their standards down. One other example found on page forty-nine is like the last quote,again Cherry says,” we can’t let our parents see us with you all…” This is similar to the last quote, they can’t be seen with the Greasers because they would be thought differently of. Because of no one wanting to be around a Greaser the Greasers have little chance of being able to change their ways. The Greasers really had it hard with society because no one wanted to be seen with them so it probably makes them feel worthless or a similar feeling to

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