Artillery In The Revolutionary War

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Why is artillery such an important role in the revolutionary war? Another question might be how is it not? Without artillery many famous and infamous battles might have never happened or had different outcomes. My topic is about artillery of the Revolutionary war. The revolutionary war may have been lost for the Americans without the firepower artillery had granted them. If there was no artillery all there would be to fight with is infantry and in that case America would have been outnumbered. So without artillery, the America revolution may have been completely different. In the American Revolution, they mainly used three types of artillery. The field cannon and the siege cannon, Howitzer, and the Mortar. The field cannons were usually stationed on the walls of forts and cities for defense while siege cannons were used to do exactly what the name says, siege. Siege cannons were meant to destroy walls and defenses so that infantry could take the fort. Mortars were used to fire over fort walls. Howitzers were designed with the abilities of both the mortars and the cannons. Artillery played a huge role in many battles of the Revolutionary war.…show more content…
For almost every situation, there was a different type of ammunition or the job. For example, if there was a cannon on a battleship, they could use an ammunition called hot shot. Hot shot was a flaming hot ball that was used to destroy and set fire to enemy forts, warships, and equipment. This type of ammunition could set fire and destroy the ships opponents. There are many different types and variants of ammunition like the pineapple and grape shots. The different variety of ammunition gave artillery more of a use on the battlefield because they could be used in every type of situation back

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