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Some of the most recognizable art originally came from the Renaissance era. The artists during that time period influenced other artists. Before the Medici Family was in power in Florence, art was not in demand. Artists could not make enough money to support a home or other basic needs. The Medici Family was a politically connected and wealthy family that used their power to support art and artists. The family used their wealth and powers that they received from the bank to make the best art programs of the Renaissance era. The Medici Family’s rise to power gave many investment opportunities, and this proved to be significant for art programs. The bank that the family had would give them political connections because the bank handled the pope’s…show more content…
Lorenzo was able to attain support because of the time period, which is sometimes referred to as the golden age of Florence(Medici Family). The golden age kept people secure and confident so they has no problem putting Lorenzo into power (Gale, Grendler). The support of the people was important because the followers would also support art. The golden age of Florence was important to the family because the time period brought Lorenzo into power. The golden age was a time when Florence did not have to worry about foreign threats and the city was the most stable it had been (World History). The confidence of the people led to the support of Lorenzo which would lead to the support of the arts. Lorenzo and the golden age began creating the best art of the…show more content…
Cosimo was one of the first members to popularize the family. He was a strong and capable leader and was able to give family vast power (Medici Family). The family need this power that Cosimo acquired to support their interests, such as art. This member of the family took many actions that resulted in the family gaining power. He knew that the family was wealthy and he knew that he could put the money somewhere. Yet, people feared corruption of his ruling so they exiled him (Gale, Grendler). Soon after he came back to Florence and the pope and people gave their trust to him to rule again. Again, he used his power to invest in art programs as well as fund scholars that studied the value of humans (Gale, Emmons). The lasting impact of Cosimo was his contribution to libraries and artists of the Renaissance era. Cosimo was the richest of the family members. He used the money for art and set the trend for using money to support artists of the era. The vast amount of power that Cosimo had as well as his wealth made artists create better and more influential

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