Should Dave Eggers Regulate Technology?

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First, the three wise man which is the depiction of a perfect corporation, who provides technology and regulates technology. It is true in a sense, but what Eggers do not comprehend is that, all the terms of the usage of the online social sites should be accepted by the user. So, there is a choice and freedom to decide whether someone is going to use the technology or not. Furthermore, people choose to use these websites themselves, they like to be rated, and other peoples opinion. Nowadays, there are other social mediums in which there is total privacy, but nobody uses them. The “All that happens must be known,” seemed improper. Many social media users do not post everything, perhaps they post only the good thing about their lives. Dave Eggers…show more content…
Dave claims that people are inherently bad, but they only behave well if they were being watched through technology. This argument is one of the biggest arguments of good vs. bad; it can be extended to further ethical discussions of attitude. Eggers prejudice and assumption of peoples inner thoughts is like his opinion about the technology, which does not sound sensible in the following way: first he is satirical of the society that they are including and excluding people from their social circles, and the ones with power and technology are controlling the society without their consent. Egger’s argument is wrong in two ways: first, he makes a general assumption about the technological world that we live in now. Second, he labels satirically the big technological company worker’s as slaves without thoughts or emotions of their own. Egger’s is a pessimist about the bright future that is coming fourth through the aid of the technology. The point that Egger misses is there are still people out there, without technology and social media account. Maybe Eggers is afraid of change and being skeptical about the usage of technology, in fear that it will enslave him, and as a result he will use it inappropriately. The aquarium scene is a good depiction that people are free to allow cruelty in whatever names or labels they could justify their action weather it is science or something else. “We saw every creature in that tank, didn’t we? We saw them devoured by a beast that turned them to ash. Don’t you see that everything that goes into that tank, with that beast, with this beast, will meet the same fate?” this piece is a clear evidence of the writer’s fear of technology, peoples free choice, and the subtlety of the idea that technology is dehumanizing people. The poles that are presented to assassinate one of the dictator regimes president by a drone, and the

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