Sociological Autobiography Paper

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Sociological Autobiography Paper My socialization really began at my mom’s daycare. The group was small, so I will reflect on it from a micro-level perspective. My mom started running a daycare out of her home when I was about two years old. She chose to follow her passion and care for kids. By doing this she could stay home and care for me daily. My mom chose to care primarily for boys around my age, so that I would have friends to play and grow up with. My whole world revolved around my mom’s daycare. It was like a closed system. My life was very different from other little kids. I had everything that I could ever want or need. I was always occupied with learning and playing with my mom’s daycare kids. I didn’t even have to…show more content…
The boy from Thailand is closest to me today. We always reminisce back to our childhood together. Every memory that we have is an example of symbolic interactionalism. Our interactions with the other kids socially constructed our reality. I learned how to get along with people of other races and cultures at an early age. Many people in society have never been properly socialized with people who aren’t like themselves and their parents. Now that I’m older I can reflect back on and appreciate the experiences that I had growing up. I being socialized with other cultures beside my own helped make me who I am today. I’m accepting and I can respect other people’s beliefs and ways of living without any problems. I have always found myself being happy in a diverse group of people. My socialization made life easier and less stressful for my parents as well. They knew all of my friends and their parents on a personal level. They didn’t have to trust anyone else with watching me either. My parents never had to arrange for play dates with me and other children. The sociological norm in today’s society is for parents to find a daycare service for their kids, so that they can work and earn a living for their family. My parents didn’t have to follow society’s norm in this case, since my mom was home with me every day. Our reality was somewhat untraditional and informal for all of

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