Rocky Spin-Off: Donnie Johnson-Creed

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When 2006's Rocky Balboa (the sixth installment of the beloved Rocky franchise) came to a conclusion, it was all but certain that this was the last we'd ever see of the character. After all, what more could an aged boxer do - other than die in the ring? We'd seen him fight, and fight again, only to eventually train a protégé (Rocky V) and beat him, too. Then, he just had to return for one more over-the-hill bout, challenging a champion half his age. Okay, Rocky proved his resilience and longevity. Enough is enough, right? Obviously not - because here we are, right back in the Rocky universe. In the Rocky spin-off, Creed, directed by Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station), Michael B. Jordan stars as Donnie Johnson-Creed, the son of the late,…show more content…
He's raised in comfort and wealth - and to his credit, wants to achieve his own success without receiving the benefits of using his father's name. To that end, Donnie needs a creditable, hard-nosed role model to get him where he wants to go - enter the icon: Rocky Balboa. Obviously, Creed is a Rocky-themed movie, but for the first time, Rocky is not the spotlight character of choice. That doesn't mean Sylvester Stallone doesn't immensely contribute - because he most certainly does. Even more surprisingly is the fact that Rocky's character evolves more in this film than in any other film outside of Rocky II. Rocky's health suddenly becomes a point of emphasis - as his character's age creeps in more than ever, allowing Stallone to shine brighter than he has as an actor in more than two decades. He might even be Oscar-worthy,…show more content…
Still, Thompson is present for dramatic flare, and despite having adequate chemistry with Jordan, her character is far from a meaningful focal point to a story that revolves entirely around the preparation of Creed's assent, not to mention the father/son dynamic between Rocky and Donnie. On the plot front, Creed is similar to Rocky - and that's a bad thing, either, despite the plethora of ever-present similarities. Rocky is one of the greatest films of all-time, and Creed is probably the next best installment in the series. So, if that's not heavy praise, I don't know what is. Creed is, like Rocky, a coming-of-age tale, all be it with a weaker antagonist. Apollo Creed was a cornerstone of Rocky, along with the rest of the series, but Pretty Ricky Conlan is not established to be such a contributor down the

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