So I Ain T No Good Girl Essay

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“Is It Really Alright” In “So I Ain’t No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake, the main character talks about her life, by talking about the one thing that matters to her and that is her abusive and cheating boyfriend, that she claims to be to good for her. This story talks about a troublesome girl; who is also the narrator of the story. Flakes description of the characters and setting were realistic, also you could imagine how the characters would be in real life. The story’s characters were really realistic especially the two main characters; the girl narrative and her boyfriend Raheem. Their attitude and relationship towards each other was very natural, because in the real world there are some relationships that are exactly like that. Here is a scene from the story that seems like it could happen in real life. ”I stare out the window and see the redhead standing on the corner with Raheem, Raheem’s all up in her face, but I act like I ain’t seen nothing”. This proves that the characters relationship sounds and seems realistic, in real life there are many people like the two main characters. That’s what made the characters seem and sound realistic.…show more content…
That’s what made the setting seem real. The setting also took part of one of the conflicts in the story. The setting in the story “So I Aint No Good Girl” by Sharon Flake, took place in a bus stop and also in the actual bus, this setting is realistic because in real life people use public transportation such as the bus, and they also wait at the bus stop for the bus. The setting took part in one of the conflicts because in the scene the main character discovers her boyfriend cheating on her, here is the scene. “I lean over and stare out the window and see the red head standing with Raheem”. Therefore the setting was realistic and gave vivid

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