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Cancer and smoking are related there is no doubting that and it has been responsible for many millions of deaths over the years. Yet smoking has been popular in this country and the rest of the world. How is that something can be so harmful be so compelling in its hold over the American psyche. We will attempt to explain this, using one famous ad campaign that ran for many years in America. And even to this day if you say just part of the phase 70% of the people living in the US can complete the phrase without thinking. We will show that show you how in advert 2 items were added, created a meme that locked itself in the minds of those who heard it as children and has been locked in their memories all these years. The strange thing is it affected people that have never lit up a cigarette as…show more content…
When the great lawsuit against smoking took place, there was documentation that showed that the tobacco companies knew for decades what their product were and still are doing. Cigarettes are out, but Vaping has been substituted as it gets around almost all antismoking laws and regulations, as it technically is not tobacco. Vaping is being touted as a safe way to smoke, it uses electricity to vaporize nicotine liquids to be inhaled, and the whole contraption is dummied up to look like a cigarette. However, the same type of marketing is now be used now as it was then except with Vaping you can have any flavour you like and... You guessed it jellybean, candy, and fruits flavours are very popular and younger and younger people were becoming addicted to nicotine. The FDA had to step in before the Tobacco companies got a total lock on this industry and ban commercials and various flavours as it was targeting the young. So you see it is the same game being run on the people using the exact same techniques as Hitler used, and Winston used during the 60s and early

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