Sloppy People By Suzanne Britt Analysis

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Sloppy people live in this fantasy world where “someday” things are going to clean. Suzanne Britt is correct to a certain point. Yes, we can say that sloppy people are a bit more caring and sentimental than neat people because they get attached to almost everything that belongs to them. Most of the time, sloppy people do not pay attention to what the result should be, like neat people, but they focus more on the values (Britt). For example, a sloppy person would not throw away their clothes from the 90’s because those are memories and “someday” it can be used again. However, a neat person would throw it away because it is not useful. She or he would need more space for organizing things that are worth it. The difference Britt says between sloppy people and neat people are correct, but to a certain point. Britt states that neat people rather deal with one thing at once than the same thing twice because of their laziness. However, isn’t postponing something called procrastination? A person that delays doing something is considered inefficiency. I would not say that neat people deal with one thing once in a lifetime because they are lazy, but they are efficient.…show more content…
I agree with this. They throw away almost everything, even furniture when they move, shows a side of laziness. They are focusing on the outcome, not the values, (Britt). This is why they do not keep catalogs, coupons, and plastic containers. Neat people rather throw it away than organize or find a place for it. They waste more than average

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