Mouse Trap Car Research Paper

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Different types of Mousetrap Car design: Long distance mousetrap and high speed mousetrap are the only two types of mousetrap car. High speed mousetrap cars are usually short in length, have small wheels and short arm to have better speed. Whereas mousetrap cars that are capable to travel long distances have large wheels, long arm and are usually longer in length as compared to high speed mousetrap cars. The difference between high speed and long distance mousetrap is that one focuses on the speed while other on the distance. All types of design of mousetrap cars have some factors in common.These factors are smaller profile, less friction and small diameter axles and most importantly lighter weight. Less distance travelled or slow car speed is the result of friction and air resistance. If friction and air resistance is reduced the mousetrap car will be capable to travel a longer distance and to have high speed.…show more content…
Cars with larger wheel will be able to travel longer distance. it is the one of the most important factor that allows the mouse trap car to travel long distance. A car with large wheels will be able to move farther but with a slow speed. Where as smaller wheels require less torque to move thus results in higher speed as compared to the cars with larger wheels. Cars with smaller wheels will be able to travel small distance but with high speed. Power output is very important in the mousetrap car design. All moving objects encounter frictional force which slows down the mousetrap car. More heat and sound energy will be generated if the mousetrap car is moving faster. Less heat and sound will produced in a slow moving long distance car. Above paragraphs were a comparison between fast moving mousetrap car and long distance mousetrap car. we used the lightweight to construct our car because we were suppose to make an long distance

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