Sir Gawain's Heroism In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Sir Gawain has so many of the characteristics of the chivalric knight and brave hero, these characteristics include honesty, courage and calm temper. He also engages in the activities that define a heroic journey, he goes on a journey where he goes to prove his worth and to engage his full potential. Although he is seems put together has one flaw that he commits Sir Gawain is so concerned with maintaining his reputation and image as a chivalrous knight, he tells a lie by omission to his host regarding the green girdle that belongs to the host’s wife. This lie is shown to be true that he was wearing the girdle because he would die when the green knight tried to kill him. Beowulf is the ideal hero and king since an early age. He has proved his…show more content…
What is especially interesting is that the narrator tells the reader to observe two different types of heroism. Heroism of youth and the heroism of an older, wiser, and more mature warrior. What he means by telling us both of there heroism in both youth and older is that youth are tougher but the older are the wiser ones. Beowulf is recalled for having performed physical feats that no other man was capable of However, the code of the hero compelled Beowulf to defend his people one final time; he seemed to trust that a younger hero-warrior would rise to the occasion should death befall him, as it did. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” the reader meets a heroic figure who embodies all of the ideal qualities of a chivalrous knight. Sir Gawain is cordial, mannerly, brave, and smart. At the same time, he is always aspiring to a higher position and thus seeks to protect and elevate his reputation while affecting an air of modesty. Sir Gawain hides hi negative aspects, including his sexual passion. It is this passion that gets him in trouble and leaves him feeling chastened. While there are never any real physical threats in Sir Gawain, the author alludes that the threats to one’s moral character are as serious as

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