Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Gary Yourofsky

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Gary Yourofsky had a very strong opening in his speech. The technique he used was very effective. He started by telling his audience that he wants to change their beliefs. He used cognitive dissonance in the very first words he used when he said “ Today we are going to talk about the world's forgotten victims: animals and the world's oldest and strongest addiction: Meat." This was very powerful as cognitive dissonance is a very powerful motivator that can lead to change one or other of the conflicting belief we’re holding. He created a strong feeling of uncomfortable tension between eating meat and animal’s suffering. Then, he started with a quick disclaimer that made him connect with the audience. He tried to remove the obstacles they are holding in their belief system one by one.…show more content…
I think this was a smart move from him because if you want to change someone’s belief, you need to understand how your audience think, what they believe in and how can you change their belief system with minimal resistance. The thing about the opening of his speech is that he knew his audience very well. He opened his speech by conveying sensitivity. Also, the use of rhetorical questions that he asked at the beginning was very efficient because it engages the audience to think and question their believes. The questions provoked the audience’s thoughts and opened their mind to think and accept his coming ideas. The choice of his word established his credibility and how he seemed very knowledgeable and knew exactly what he wanted to say initiated trust. The beginning was organized and he briefly went through the things he will be

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