How Did Christopher Columbus Celebrate El Salvador

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In 1949 Christopher Columbus placed foot on an island in the Bahamas. For about five months, Columbus explored the Caribbean, before he returned to Spain. When Christopher Columbus traveled back to the old world he took many natives from the new world. He also took many indigenous plants, animals, and gold. Two different worlds collided once Columbus stepped foot in the new world and brought native treasures into the old world. Because of simply stepping foot on an unknown land, the continent of mix races and cultures was created. Now he is celebrated in many different countries. In the United States, Columbus is praised and honored for “discovering” a new land by “banquets, parades and dances” (Quiote). What majority of Americans do not know…show more content…
The singing and dancing held are typically from the indigenous tribe Pipil. Usually the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, celebrates with a huge festival that includes a parade, crowning of a young queen, and singing, dancing, and eating. Millions of Salvadoran travels to the city to see this big celebration. The day starts off with the morning parade. Many children, military men, organizations, students, and the president are participants of this parade. Students normally dance the traditional folk dance in the parade. One other thing a person will see in the parade is the many different candidates of young Salvadoran girl anxiously waiting to be announce queen later that day. When the parade is over, the festival begins. Many famous cumbia, merenge singers play in the festival. Meanwhile there is music and many fun activities going on for the family, there also food served to the community. In the festival, traditional food is being cooked such as fried plantains, casamiento (beans and rice) and the famous pupusas. Towards the ending of the day the crowning of the queen is held. A young Salvadoran girl is picked to represent what it is to be Salvadoran. The queen represents the Salvadoran race and culture. She represents the ancestors who brought her life and the planet who sustains it. The festival still continues after the crowning with more

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