Sinclair And Babbitt Similarities

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In Babbitt, there are many similarities between George Babbitt and Lewis Sinclair. “Oh, hell, boys, let’s cut out the formality and get down to the stories” (Babbitt 140). At this point in the novel, Babbitt and Riesling arrive on a train to New York where they become introduced to a few businessmen and instantly begin conversations with them (Spark Note on Babbitt 1). Babbitt has an unhuman like ability to get along with everyone and spark never ending conversations with them. This is similar to Lewis Sinclair because he has a gift of charisma that allows him to persuade anyone (Grebstein 75). “Sinclair has the ability to project himself into virtually any environment and capture its essence,” as stated by Sheldon Norman Grebstein in Sinclair…show more content…
Arrowsmith touches on the subject of America’s interest in wealth over knowledge. “Nonsense! That attitude is old-fashioned. This is no longer an age of parochialism but of competition, in art and science just as much as in commerce…” (Arrowsmith 324). This quote from the novel, Arrowsmith, refers to Tubbs’s conversation with Martin in order to persuade him to publish his scientific findings even though it is not complete (Arrowsmith 324). From this quote, the words “old fashioned” stand out the most, which represents diction. By using this phrase, Tubbs is saying that Martin’s way of thinking is wrong and outdated, in other words, Tubbs is insulting Martin. This shows the extent that Tubbs will go to in order to persuade Martin and receive his preferred means in the situation. The satire in this quote is that Sinclair is ridiculing the idea of modern medical profession. He believes that commercialism is indeed science. Whereas science is a form of knowledge that should be followed for the sake of the advancement of the future. Instead, science is being used as business in the American lifestyle. Scientists must be involved with organizations that promote commercialism in order to survive. This makes science a business; this competitiveness gives Tubbs the perfect argument to win over Martin and his scientific discoveries. Martin becomes like the average citizen succumbing to wealth instead of finding the scientific truth. (Spark Note on Arrowsmith 1). Diction is important aspect of the novel because it helps the reader understand Lewis’s

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