Explain The Foreshadowing In Nora's Conversation With Anne-Marie

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1. Discuss the foreshadowing in Nora’s conversation with Anne-Marie. Norah is desperate for an escape out of her crime of forging her father’s signature for a loan. Anne-Marie had to sacrifice her child to maintain a job, nannying Nora as a child. Nora goes to Anne-Marie asking about her experience of leaving her child and wonders if her child still remembers her. Anne-Marie says yes and that she wrote her a few times. This foreshadows Nora leaving her children. 2. Why does Torvald make such a decisive show of mailing the letter firing Krogstad against Nora’s pleas? Torvald makes such a decisive show of mailing the letter to show his dominance over Nora. Torvald is the man of the house and needs to show Nora that he will not put his honor…show more content…
Some histories of the tarantella dance explain that it is used to fight off the venomous effects of a spider bite. Other interpretations suggest it represents a woman’s frustration in oppression. Which of these explanations best fits Nora’s violent practice at the end of Act II? Might both apply? Explain. The tarantella dance in A Doll’s House represents a woman’s, Nora, frustration in oppression. Nora feels oppressed by men. She feels trapped by her responsibilities as a mother, a wife, and a women in debt. While practicing with the dance he requests Dr. Rank to play while he “controls” her and her dancing. She continues to be dancing spastically. But, it could not represent both because she does get controlled by her husband and dances the tarantella gracefully at the party as her husband wanted. This shows that she is still oppressed by her husband. 4. Dr. Rank suggests Nora should go to the next masquerade dressed as “Charmed Life,” and that she should dress “just as she looks every day.” What is the implication about Nora’s daily life? Is it charmed? Or is the charm a masquerade?…show more content…
Rank loves Nora and hints at his love for her in front of Torvald. He means that she looks charmed everyday. He would have gone into more detail if Torvald, Nora’s husband was not standing there. Throughout the scene there is a lot of “hinting” things at one another between Nora and Dr. Rank. From his news on his medical test on how long he has to live and the Nora’s beauty. Dr. Rank is saying that Nora is charming and causes her life to be charmed. 5. Discuss the irony in Torvald’s accusation that Nora has played with him “like a puppet.” Torvald’s accusation that Nora has played with him “like a puppet” is ironic because Nora feels that he has played with her “like a doll.” Nora acts like a squirrel to please her husband and to get money from him. But he is just as much to blame for giving her the money. It is a cycle of want and give between the two of them that doesn't end until Nora says enough and leaves. They give and receive different things from one another. Nora receives money compared to Torvald receiving love and obedience from Nora. 6. Helmer’s pronouncement that “before all else, (Nora is) a wife and mother” is contradicted by Nora’s “before all else, I’m a human being.” Is this issue significant today, or is it only a sign of Ibsen’s time?

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