Similarities Between Woman In Black And Then There Were None

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The Woman in Black and And Then There Were None are two novels written quite differently, but have common ways of creating suspense. Agatha Christie and Susan Hill both create suspense in similar way, including mood and point of view, but are quite different when it comes to red herrings, symbolism and flashbacks. Agatha Christie uses many red herrings in her novel to help create suspense. Christie uses red herrings to throw the readers and the characters in her novels off track. One example of a red herring in the novel was the disappearance of Dr. Armstrong. Many characters in this novel thought of Armstrong as the murder, but when he disappeared the characters began to panic. Several characters began to “[hunt] Armstrong”and search the island in hopes of finding any trace of him (Christie 217). This novel uses red herrings along with symbolism to help create suspense in contrast to Susan Hill's novel where she uses point of view to create suspense.…show more content…
At one point during her novel, the prisoners of Indian Island are looking for a zoo, mentioned in the next line of the poem. One by one the characters began to realize that they were the zoo. Christie uses figurative language in this situation, making the isolated island the zoo and the prisoners of the island the caged animals. One of the guests, Vera, during one of her anxiety attacks, screams,“Don’t you see?..We’re the zoo” clearly showing the other characters in the novel that they were the animals of the zoo (Christie 226). Christie uses examples of symbolism along with many other in this novel, while on the other hand, Hill does

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