Personal Narrative: Wendy Corduroy

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The wind whistled through the dead tree branches. Brown leaves were scattered everywhere, matching the trees’ appearance. I stood in front of the rusty, metal, gate, wondering if I should take a step further. With a mind of its own, my arm reached forward, lightly resting on the artifact, as if it could break at the lightest touch. I gently pushed it open and reluctantly took a couple of steps. Inside of the gate the atmosphere felt different. The air was thick, and it seemed colder than it was before. I took careful steps on the beat-up sidewalk. The scuffling of my shoes against the concrete blew away with the wind. Moss filled the cracks and there were multiple places where you could trip. I stopped in front of the entrance doors and…show more content…
I thought. I grouped that next files together while hoping and wishing that I would find the right one. I didn’t even know why I was doing this, I just felt the need to, but I knew that part of it was my curiosity. The other part might have been trying to help Annie. I was about half way through the pile when I found it. The top part read: Patient: Annie Corduroy Parent/Guardian: Wendy Corduroy Status of Patient: Deceased Updated: 10/31/1995 The rest didn’t matter. All I had to do was look up Wendy Corduroy, and find out where she’s buried, because she’s most likely dead. I pulled out my phone, thanking the Lord that I got enough service to fulfill my needs. A minute later I had a funeral website on my screen with a picture of Wendy. I got the name of the graveyard: Festus Cemetery. I realized that I passed it on the way here, which was music to my ears. I quickly shoved my phone back in my pocket and briskly walked back into the room, with the file, where Annie was waiting. “Annie!” I burst through the door. “I know where your mom is. Come on!” It was strange being able to talk to a ghost so easily and feeling pretty much comfortable with it, but I guess you can’t believe what all those ghost hunter shows tell you. She stood up and we headed out the door, with me guiding her with which way to…show more content…
We were right in front of her mother’s grave, and right next to it was Annie’s own grave. Most of the grass in the graveyard was dead, there were cracked tombstones everywhere and the white gate around the area had chips in it; all of the characteristics said that no one really cared about this place. “Where exactly are we?” Annie asked me. I gulped I hadn’t told her that her mom was dead yet. “Festus Cemetery,” I said quietly. She choked on a sob. “So that means…” “Yeah.” Annie took a deep breath and wiped away stray tears off of her face. I hadn’t noticed before how she was still capable of crying. Maybe not knowing where her mother was crushed her so much that it gave her the ability to cry. She tentatively placed her hand on her mother’s tombstone and started tracing each letter delicately. When she finished tracing the “y”, she started to disappear slowly until she was completely gone. She could rest now. She found her sense of peace. I guess that curiosity is more of my strength than my weakness. It lead me to help a ghost, a paranormal creature, something that I never thought I would do. You never know what your strengths and weaknesses are until they come into play. And if that means helping a ghost, then so be

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