How Did Culture Change Native American Culture

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With the production if the railroad in the 1800s, Native Americans found their lives and culture almost completely changed. Natives found themselves pushed off their land, the animal they used for everyday supplies almost hunted to extinction, and their people even being murdered. A lot of tension was created due to these changes caused by the settlers. This situation reached an extreme level, therefore caused a tough time throughout our country. A time that will be remembered as a dark spot on America’s history record. Almost immediately after the production of the railroad, Settlers began moving west. So many settlers moved west, they began just taking land from the Native Americans. This began to cause a problem because the Natives felt this was unfair and that the settlers couldn’t just take their land. The U.S. government suggested that Native Americans and settlers farm with each other. There’s just one problem; Native Americans didn’t know how to farm. This suggestion set them up for inevitable failure, and the Natives realized this, but not until it was too late. The Natives would eventually go bankrupt and lose…show more content…
In fact, the expansion almost made Native American culture disappear forever. Villages were attacked, women, children, and men were killed. One example of this would be the Sandy Creek Massacre. On November 29th, 1864, a Colorado militia attacked a village owned by the Cheyenne tribe. The attack was brutal, leaving 200 Cheyenne people dead. What made this attack so terrible was that over half of the casualties were of women and children. Another way their culture was changed was the hunting of the Buffalo. Natives hunted the Buffalo, and used their hides and meat for everyday materials, such as clothing, shelter, tools, and food. Settlers hunted this animal near to extinction. Native Americans literally starved because they had no idea what to do in the crisis of their

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