Similarities And Differences: Judaism Vs. Islam

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Every religion has similarities and differences. Some religions have more than others. Two that have a lot in common, but also have many differences are Judaism and Islam. The similarities and differences will be explored in more depth. We will look at the how Judaism and Islam see fundamental problem with creation as well as the solution for the problem. Let’s start with Judaism. In Judaism, the problem with humans is sin. Since humans are made in God’s image, we have freedom to choose between right and wrong. This leads us to have two impulses. A good impulse and an evil impulse. “The dual nature of the human being means that a person is neither inherently good nor bad but is, or becomes, what he does.” (Ariel, pp. 85). The rabbi’s did…show more content…
You reach salvation by worshiping Allah. You must follow his commandments. They need to know knowledge of Allah because every human is capable of knowing the Creator. They are to be good people and not commit any of the major sins. The less of these they commit, the better chance of reaching Paradise they have. It is also based on good deeds and purity. Allah knows who is going to get to enter Paradise and who will go to hell. One also needs to purify oneself and submit themselves to Allah fully. They should also confess their sins, repent, trust in Allah’s promises and pray which all helps them to be become more righteous…show more content…
The first is in their salvation views. Islam believes that one can be saved through the worship of Allah and following his commandments. You should do things like: preform good deeds, pray five times a day, repent, confess sins, and more. In Judaism, one must repent from their sins and then go right their wrongs. Once one has taken the punishment, one should start to change. There is more of an emphasis on the confessing part instead of the worship aspect. Another way they differ is in their views of Adam. In Islam, Adam is the first major prophet. Adam talks to the angels and they fall at his feet. This never happens in Judaism. In Judaism, Adam is the first man that is ever created but he was still

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