Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X Similarities

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had lots of similarities in their life but their philosophy were very different because of their childhood. Martin and Malcolm fathers were both Baptist priests, so they grew up in loving Christian homes. Even though they had similar beginnings, their philosophies were different because of the violence in the world. Martin Luther King jr. had a very loving family and their one big rule was that you had to be home for supper so you could share what happened and bond with family. Martin had a friend and they would always play with each other but his friend was white. When school started for them both of them went too different schools because of the color of their skin. Martin would go over too his friends house but the kids mom…show more content…
Martin told his mother and she told him they couldn't play anymore because he was black and his friend was white. His mom told him that he was just as good as anyone. Martin keeps this in his heart the rest of his life. Martin went on a graduated high school at 15 then went on to college and graduated at 18. He became a minister at 19. When he was at college he was reading about and he learned his philosophy was a non violent protest where you would march and sing for justice and that you love your enemies and wish ill too no one and certainly not too kill. Not everyone believed in his philosophy because on April 4, 1968 Martin was shot dead on his balcony in Tennessee. Malcolm had a very violent childhood when he was in his mother’s stomach the Ku Klux Klan came to there house and was looking for his father but he wasn’t home. Than when he was 2 the KKK came and firebombed their house. They moved to Michigan he hopes for a safer home but it was not meant be. At 6 four years later Malcolm's father was murdered on a train. Malcolm’s mother never recovered from her
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