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Boreal Forest Research Specific Example #1: Siberian Tiger Scientific Name: Panthera tigris altaica The Panthera tigris altaica also known as the siberian tiger, is a great animal to live in the boreal forest; the fur of a Panthera tigris altaica is really thick. The fur protects it from the elements, and grows 4 inches around there neck. Siberian tiger are carnivores they eat boars, elk, lynx, red deer, rabbits. The Siberian Tiger is critically endangered, they get hunted for their fur, and body parts. There are around 350-450 tigers left in the world. They’re the largest tiger species and weigh around 700 lbs, and around 13 feet. These tigers are hunted for trophies and prizes. These tigers…show more content…
Where the Siberian tiger lives now is restricted. This tiger has a different stripe pattern but no tiger has the same stripe pattern. The mom will have to go catch and kill prey but won’t catch enough for all the cubs so some will die. At three months the babies the mother will be able to leave the den. I believe it can adapt because Specific Example #2: Wood Bison The Wood Bison is an animal that is perfect for living in this area; there wool is made for the climate. Their hooves are very strong making them easily to be able to dig into the ground when they need to. The Wood Bison have horns that can grow up to 2 and a half foot long. You can distinguish the males from females by looking at their horns. The males generally have curved horns as the females have straight horns. The Wood Bison is an herbivore that eats grass and leaves. They are a mammal who…show more content…
Most boreal forest include animals like black bears , moose, deer, red squirrels, snowshoe hare, lynx, wood bison, and even beavers. Most of the animals here have to adapt to the colder climate, which is also why most of them have fur or hair to keep them warm. Birds are another widespread animal throughout the Boreal forest. About half of all birds land in the Boreal forest at some point in time. Most of the smaller species include warblers, siskins, thrushes, flycatchers, kinglets, grosbeaks, sparrows, and vireos. The larger birds include owls, grouse, ducks, ravens, woodpeckers, and

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